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LED Lighting & Leisure Ltd.

12v LED lighting solutions.

LED Lighting for Cars, Caravans, Motorhomes, Vans, Awnings, Stables, Sheds Horseboxes, Boats and Tents.
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So why would you want LEDs in your Car Boot, Awning, Caravan, Motorhome, Van, Shed or Boat?
LED technology has improved hugely in recent years. Many people are only familiar with the little red light on the Hi-Fi system or television, more recently its the nice blue one on the games console. But did you know LEDs are now so efficient you can light an entire house using a fraction of the power traditional bulbs use. Add to that the life expectancy of an LED light is measured in the thousands of hours and you may never need to replace them. Our Car Boot, Awning, Caravan, Motorhome, Van, Shed or Boat LED Kits use 12volt Direct Current LEDs which convert electricity into light so efficiently they create almost no waste heat at all. They also provide a clear white light as opposed to the more yellow light of an incandescing light bulb.

Please beware of cheap LED Modules. LEDs come in various sizes and power outputs, some of which can be extremely hot when in use. The LED Modules we use have been carefully chosen and tested to balance light output against power usage therefore ensuring cool surface temperatures and long battery life. We also light all of our LEDs before they are dispatched to ensure quality.
1 Year warranty on all products.

Here at LED Lighting and Leisure Ltd we work hard to ensure our products and customer service are the best they can be.
All of our LED Lighting Kits come with a Full 1 Year Guarantee and most orders are dispatched using Royal Mail’s “Signed For” delivery Service or Royal Mail’s Special Delivery to make sure your order can be fully tracked.  Orders are dispatched the next working day at the latest. If we can get your order dispatched the same day we will do our very best.

We have built up good relations with our suppliers over the past few years. All of the LEDs we use have undergone prolonged testing to make sure they are upto the job both at the manufacturers and also by us. The LEDs we choose for our Van, Caravan or Shed Kits are chosen specifically for the way they will be used. Consequently the LEDs we use in the Caravan Conversions are not as bright as the High Power Van Kits. When you then consider that you may be running your Caravan from a battery all weekend without the ability to charge it up again, power consumption is of upmost consideration. Yet in your Car or Van, restart the engine and any power you have used is back in the battery in moments so a slightly higher power LED is permissible. One thing we do insist on is that all our LED Modules no mater how they are used should be cool or just warm to the touch. This is not only a Health and Safety consideration but the cooler the LED generally the more efficient the LED.

We aim to make our kits as easy to fit as possible. You will not need to solder wires or heat shrink to worry about. We utilise a special jelly filled connector which has a twin splicing mechanism. It connects the wires and waterproofs the joint in one simple squeeze with a pair of pliers.
LED Modules have high bond 3M double side pads on the back and handy screw holes for ply lined vans. We also use a festoon connector in many of the van kits which simply replaces one of the bulbs in a standard courtesy light.


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