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Extra Large LED Van Loading Area Lighting Kit

This 12v DC LED Light Set is designed for the owners of Panel and Box Vans.

Clear illumination for the Loading area.
Compact with excellent light output from 60 High Power Samsung LEDs
pre-wired together with 160 deg lenses.
Very low power consumption, Produces very little heat,
Water resistant connectors. Easy to install
1 year Warranty.

Please Note; This kit is a universal fit what ever the make of your van, be it a Ford Transit, Renault, Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes Sprinter or a VW
our LED Lighting Set will fit most of them.

Thank you for looking at our Extra Large 12v 60 High Power LED Van Loading Area Lighting Kit.
Many times brighter than a standard 5w Festoon Bulb This Kit will allow you to significantly increase visibility in the loading area of your van.

Each of the Super Bright LED Modules used in our sets are Dust and Waterproof to IP65. They are also CE and RoHS compliant.
To provide superior reliability our LED Modules are manufactured pre-wired together using durable twin core cable resulting in a very neat and proffesional finish. The Pure White LEDs are set to 6000-7000K and provide clear crisp illumination.

The Kit contains:
15 Super Bright High Power Injection Moulded LED Modules.
6 meters of Twin Core Wire.
Water Resistant Jelly Connectors
Scotchlock Style Connectors
Pre-fitted Terminal Connectors
Inline Rocker Switch
Double Sided Sticky Pads
Festoon Connector
Full Step by Step Instructions

Our Lighting Set can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.
These LED Lights draw very little power. The highly efficient LEDs convert almost all of the power they use into light and very little heat allowing the LED Lights to be located in virtually any position. Including a refridgerated vehicle. 
Maintenance Free and Injection Moulded in milky white PVC, the LED Lights have a working temperature reange of -20 to +60 Deg C.
Each Module contains 3LEDs which are effectively tiny spot lights so the light is directed where you want it and not wasted.
The individual modules are spaced out over about durable twin core cable making them tidy in appearance and easy to fit using either the fitted double sided sticky pads made by 3M or the handy fixing hole on each module.

With a life expectancy measured at over ten thousand hours they could last you a life time.
The Lighting Set is as easy fit as possible. No detailed wiring knowledge is required. Powered from an existing courtesy light using the East-Fit Festoon Adaptor or wired directly into your vehicles wiring loom. The 15 LED Modules come pre-wired together and are fitted with double sided sticky pads. The waterproof connectors have a twin self-splicing mechanism and only need a squeeze with a pair of pliers. The in-line rocker switch is probably the hardest part of the installation with 6 screws and two wires to connect. The Scotchlock style connector are also a squeeze fit. The festoon connector is also fitted.

Each of our LED Lighting Kits has its own unique serial number. this allows us to tell which components from which supplier and from which individual delivery were used. When the Kit was packed and who assembled it.
Please Note; BASIC Wiring knowledge required.


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